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аккумулятор relato bp 511a для canon powershot g1 g2 g3 g5 g6 pro90 is pro1 eos 30d eos 300d eos 40d eos 5d eos 50d digital rebel 10d 20d 20da 5d d30 d60 mv 30i 300 series 400 series 500 series 600 series 700 series mvx 3i 100i 150i купить по лучшей цене

Charlotte Lowrie's indispensable guide to taking the best possible pictures with the Canon EOS 50D! Go well beyond the basics with this essential guide to getting great shots with the Canon EOS 50D camera. Professional photographer and bestselling author Charlotte Lowrie packs this portable guide with over 290 pages of beautiful full-color photos, proven techniques, and no-fail formulas for tapping all the features this exciting new high-resolution DSLR camera offers. Get to know your Canon EOS 50D, learn all the tricks, and then take this handy portable guide with you in the field for quick and easy reference. Master your Canon EOS 50D camera with expert guidance from Seattle-area professional photographer and popular author, Charlotte Lowrie Find pages of step-by-step techniques and professional tips that will help you understand all the functions, menus, and dials on your camera Explore topics that many competitive digital SLR books just touch on, including step-by-step instruction on exposure and composition Learn professional composition and lighting tricks Examine full-color examples of breathtaking ways to capture stills, portraits, and action shots Canon EOS 50D Digital Field Guide is the latest in the bestselling Digital Field Guide series that has taught thousands of photographers and beginners how to get the most out of their digital cameras.
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