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карта памяти 10 sd tf transflash t flash 2 4 16 8 t5 tf card купить по лучшей цене

Description: Brand Name: LD Type: micro SD/SDHC/TF card Capacity: 32GB Reading speed: Class 10 Working Temperature: -20~70 Storage Temperature: -40~45 Size: 1.5cm X 1.1cm Compatible Model: For all mobile devices which supports micro SD/SDHC card Features: 1. Can fits all a standard micro SD card. 2. Provide relatively high transmission. 3. Expands your mobile phone's storage up to 32GB. 4. Based on high qulity NAND flash, LD memory card supports UHS-1 port. 5. This TransFlash/ Micro SD Memory card is mainly used in cell phones. 6. Stores personal data such as digital photos, music files, games and applications in mobile phone. 7. Compatible with all TransFlash or MicroSD slot mobile devices. 8. It can compatible with some camera which has TransFlash or MicroSD slot . Package Included: 1 x LD 32GB Micro SD Card
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