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Paperback. Pub Date :2013-11-01 Pages: 233 Language: Chinese Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press' new HSK Society of North phrase book series: The new HSK oral exam HSKK (advanced) exam guide both for participating in the new HSK oral exam HSKK (Advanced) candidates self-use. but also for remedial classes taught to use. Is divided into five parts: The first part of the grammar. succinctly describes the candidate must master the basic Chinese grammar. candidates should understand the basic sentence structure learning. No matter what your purpose is. they have to stop and carefully studying this chapter. can not jump. Through this part of the study you will recognize some common symbols. Such as: the subject of to represent; predicate to represent; object use to represent; attributive use () to represent; adverbial use [] to represent; Complement use to re...
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