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Disc 1: Live At The Royal Albert Hall - 1970- We're Gonna Groove - I Cant Quit You Baby - Dazed And Confused- White Summer- What Is And What Should Never Be- How Many More Times- Moby Dick- Whole Lotta Love- Communication Breakdown- C'mon Everybody- Something Else- Bring It On Home Disc 2: Immigrant Song - 1972 Madison Square Garden - 1973 - Black Dog- Misty Mountain Hop- Since I've Been Loving You- The Ocean Earls Court - 1975 - Going To California - That's The Way - Bron Yr Aur Stomp - In My Time Of Dying - Trampled Underfoot - Stairway To Heaven Knebworth - 1979 - Rock And Roll - Nobody's Fault But Mine- Sick Again- Achilles Last Stand- In The Evening- Kashmir - Whole Lotta Love
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