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36v 20a vs2048bn pwm epever new series solar controller lcd display with temperature sensor and mt50 meter charger regulator купить по лучшей цене

Adjustable Motorcycle Digital Speedometer LCD Digital Odometer Description: Easy install, we provide install manual. You can also click into this link to read the English Manual http://img.banggood.com/file/products/20150226035204English Manual of SKU192807.doc Stepper motor+pointer: Tacho LCD display: Speed, Odometer, Trip, Meter ,Gear position, Fuel level and Real-time clock. Button controlled shift between Odometer and Trip meter, Km/h and Mp/h, and Trip meter resetting is also available. It can be apply to different vehicles with different diameter; It can be apply to different displacement vehicles; This speedometer send together with a speed sensor length about 950mm (Speedometer is hall effect, universal one) Specification: Back light : Orange and Blue Magnet Polarity: Hall sensor, South Work voltage:12V Wheel diameter 1000-2999 Support MPH and KPH shift Meter Size: 14*9.5*4cm Meter Weight:312g Working temperature: -30-85C Speed,max display 199 Odometer distance, max display 99999.9 Trip distance, max display 999.9, trip distance clears LCD display speed, trip ODO in miles and kilometers LCD display gear position LCD display fuel level, low fuel warning Time, button adjustable Revolutions Per Minute, max display 15000, warning up to 10000rpm Adjustable wheel perimeter Adjustable Wheel diameter Adjustable pulse High beam, blue Left and right blinker, green LCD screen back light blue, always on Panel back light red, not always on Note: The rpm could not work if your motorcycle is "Kawasaki" and "Regal Raptor" with Electronic injection engine. The blue white wire of this item is the rpm wire, it should be connected with the positive rigger line of the igniter. Take the digital English Manual for reference, if you do not understand to install the Motorcycle Digital Speedometer LCD Digital Odometer. We suggest you to find the professional people to help you to install. Package Included: 1 X Speedometer 1 x speed sensor 2 x magnets
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