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When I was young I sat upon a tree branch overlooking the sun setting in the western sky. Watching the sky change colors as the sun went down truly inspired me. Some evenings were so spectacular I often wish I had a picture to remember that moment. In time I was able to earn enough money to buy a camera. Years later I married and began traveling throughout America. America the beautiful says it all. Several places we had visited were so fascinating and spectacular. By now I was able to upgrade my camera. I went from a pocket size to a more professional camera with zoom lens and flash hoping to capture the best photos ever. As I looked back and reflected upon the places we had seen in the photos I had taken I could still feel how wonderful those places were. So why not share them with others to show them how beautiful America is and describe it with some simple poetry to try and inspire others to see America's many beauties. Not only will you be fascinated by some of America's National Parks, but also included are captivating views that are found locally.
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