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This updated and revised authoritative guide is essential to finding business resources and opportunities available in cyberspace. Written by a practicing СPA, this key reference arrives hilly modernized to accommodate the rapid changes in the environment of the Internet. Based on the author`s exhaustive research - which includes interviews with many of the nation`s leading accounting, software, and communications experts - the `Second Edition` will show you how to take advantage of the explosion of information resources and business opportunities now available to accountants on the Internet and the World Wide Web. For both novices and experienced Net navigators, all the bases are covered to assist you in keeping pace with current technology. Beginners learn the basics of getting connected and finding their way around the Internet, its relevance in public practice and industry, and how it will impact the profession in the future. More experienced users will discover how to get more out of the Internet than they ever thought possible and how to find new resources that have become available even alter this book has been published. Accompanied by numerous case histories and vignettes, the material describes surefire techniques for increasing productivity, finding new clients, and augmenting revenues. In addition, you`ll find how to: Cash in on international business opportunities on the Internet; Complement your traditional marketing with an online presence; Keep abreast of the most advanced hardware on the market; Cut down on research time while increasing billable hours; Discover different search tools that are available for auditors and accountants (e.g., search engines and commercial databases); Use electronic commerce to conduct business directly over the Internet; Access hard-to-get forms and documents in a flash; Learn about XML technology and its enormous impact on the accounting profession.
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