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Prepare! is a lively general English course with comprehensive Cambridge English exam preparation integrated throughout. This flexible course brings together all the tools and technology you expect to get the results you need. Whether teaching general English or focusing on exams, Prepare! leaves you and your students genuinely ready for what comes next: real Cambridge English exams, or real life. Inside: Additional activities for mixed-ability classes and fast finishers Engaging project work for every unit Links to further teacher's resources, including progress and achievement tests, worksheets for the video and additional teaching activities Exam-style task information Teaching notes for the Student's Book, including the cross-curricular and culture units Answer keys and audioscripts for the Student's Book and Workbook On the DVD: Lively video interviews with teenagers bring language to life Test videos with worksheets help students understand the Speaking paper Course components: Student's Book Student's Book and Online Workbook Workbook with Audio Class Audio CDs (2) Teacher's Book with DVD and Teacher's Resources Online Presentation Plus DVD-ROM Produced with and endorsed by Cambridge English Language Assessment using cutting-edge language-learning research from English Profile and the Cambridge Learner Corpus.

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