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ARCHON Z06 is a dual handheld submersible lamp arm , using two connections ball, diving hands holding lamp arm can be mobilized around the grip , more aspects of photography and video recording operation , enabling better photography lights complement of lighting , reducing reflections from close range . Full aluminum lamp arm design of high thickness hard oxidation treatment , strong durability and durability. It becomes an ideal recreational diving technical diving and diving equipment. Dual-arm Both hands diving lamp arm , using two connections ball, diving equipment can be connected to multiple. Compatiblity Suitable for GOPRO, Ikelite, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus or Sony DC and other waterproof shell , the base material for plastics processing 316 stainless steel screws. Adjustable Humane hand the unique , non-traditional fixed design , greatly enhancing the usability of light underwater . Aviation aluminum highly professional diving thickness hard oxidation treatment Flashlight ( Black ) can prevent seawater corrosion . Specifications Name Archon Z06 Dual Mount Bracket for Diving Photography Brand Archon Model Archon Z06 Bodymaterial durable air-grade aluminum Surface treatment Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish Color Black Size 31 x 6 x 17cm Weight 523g Underwater weight 248g Caution 1. When fixing the screw please let smoonth surface of the O shim towards the light mount to protecting it from scratching2. Please check carefully before diving to make sure the mount is fixed completely. If not please use the tools we pack to fix it.3. After diving please use clean water to wash the mount carefully. And please preserve it after it is totally dry.
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