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Specifications: Light color: Purple Light Style: kaleidoscopic Wave Length: 405nm Output Power: 5mW Power Supply: 2 x AAAbattery (not included) Material: aluminum Pen color: black Size: 15.8 x 1.3 x 1.5cm Features: --5 different and changeable light patterns in one converter light refraction head with an unchangeable pattern in another. --Rotate the converter head and you can change the pattern of the light. --The light can be used to point at any desired target on projection screen, video or objects at a distance etc. --It can also be used to create romantic atmosphere or for fun, presentation, teaching indicator, etc. --Pen-sized and lightweight that you can put it your pocket or handbag. --Designed with purple color light, which is easy for you to find the target and outline the key point. --The battery space is totally sealed that can avoid water into it causing short-circuit. --Anti-slip handle, which prevents the laser pointer pen from dropping down in your hand. Package include: 1 x 5 in 1 Purple Laser Pointer Light Pen 1 x Light Converter Head
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