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This third volume in the IAS Reprint Series reviews some of the major contributions that have been made over the last twenty years to our understanding of deep water environments. Few groups of rocks have received as much attention in recent years as deep sea sands and yet retained so many unsolved problems – How far and how fast can sediment debris flows travel? Do the many ancient series that have been interpreted as submarine fan deposits bear any resemblance to present day deep sea flows? How valid are the sequences described as coarsening upward or fining upward, and how should they be interpreted? This timely review of contributions made to this area of study since 1970 reflects the heightened interest that has surrounded it. Deep Water Turbidite Systems contains 22 papers (reproduced in full) and 22 abstracts of papers that have appeared in the journal Sedimentology, concerned with the broad spectrum of topics within the field of turbidites and associated deep water systems. If you are a member of the International Association of Sedimentologists, for purchasing details, please see:
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