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Through My Eyes... traces Andre Nirenberger's survival, struggles, and successes. This 70,000-word memoir, told in Andre's own words, features 15 pages of memorabilia. Andre was born in Poland in 1939 to a Catholic mother and a Jewish father. His father was in Paris at the family's textile business when World War II started. Andre and his mother fled through Poland and Germany, often hiding and narrowly avoiding being taken to Auschwitz. After escaping from Poland with false Swedish diplomatic papers, Andre and his mother were able to start a seemingly normal life in Sweden. When Andre was nine, the family was finally reunited in Paris. Andre's high-fashion hairstyling career spanned two continents. His clients ranged from French Vogue models and ambassadors' wives to movie and opera stars. In the United States, Andre also worked as a buyer of lingerie, furs, and diamonds. He became a citizen in 1965 and married in 1971.

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