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durable quality 1 2 water flow control lcd meter flow sensor solenoid val free shipping купить по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Model W14 Quantity 1 Color Blue + white Material PE Specification Working voltage: DC 2.4V +/- 8V/ 1A; Solenoid valve working voltage: DC 12V /0.3~0.5A; Flow probe voltage: DC 5V (input signal 1~400Hz square wave) Portioning range: 0.1~9999L K value can be placed in the meter constant maximum value of 1-9999 liters / minute; Chinese / English dispaly status Features Ultra-thin design installation flexibility: suitable for a variety of models assembled easy to use; The large white backlit LCD screen: beautiful generous so that it truly has been digitized; Very wide range of external power supply: its application to a broader more connected and a variety of models;Equipped with sensors solenoid valves control and traffic management for small and medium-sized water machine Application The system is the use of advanced single-chip microcomputer technology DC24V+- 8V external power supply LCD dynamic display shows the new flow measurement management instrument. The ultra-thin design generous beautiful. Small size light weight intuitive readings clear the obvious advantages of high reliability and pulse output flow sensors and solenoid valves and other ancillary traffic management control system applicable to small and medium-sized water machine water filter machine machine management English Manual/Spec Simple document Packing List 1 x Flow meter controller (44cm) 1 x Chinese user manual
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