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The gentle, tranquil and calming poems in this book of poetry are inspiring and uplifting. These insightful and peaceful poems celebrate the themes of beauty, love, kindness and compassion. The poetry extols the wonder of love set to romantic poetry.In the course of reading through the four sections of Poems of Love: A Selection (Travelers, One Another, Being Love and Sky-Sea Harmony) you will experience a relaxing rhythm flowing throughout the warm and expressive poems. The poems as well present an avenue to insightfulness, thoughtfulness and contemplation. The short one page poems offer a moment of pause to slow down a fast pace busy life. This volume of poems makes a wonderful gift for a dear friend or loved one. Add a special note to the poems which express your feelings. Also, it's a nice book to have by your favorite chair or your favorite place of reading. The poetry expresses warmth and love and speaks of kindness. The poetry of Poems of Love: A Selection will fill heart and soul with the warmth of a peaceful serenity.

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