Ecma e21310rs asd b2 1021 b delta 1kw 2000rpm ac servo motor driver kits with 3m power and encoder ca - купить  
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ecma e21310rs asd b2 1021 b delta 1kw 2000rpm ac servo motor driver kits with 3m power and encoder cable купить по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Model 7.35 × 5.35 × 0.16cm Quantity 1 Piece(s)/pack Color Blue Material PCB Compatible device 32-Channel Servo Motor Control Driver Board for Arduino Robot Project; This is the newly upgraded controller board; Up to 32 servo motors can be controlled at the same time either by using a software on a PC or UART communication ( TTL serial port) of MCU (51 AVR ARM FPGA PIC etc.) to send commands to control the steering. You can also download instructions to the servo motor controller for offline operation; Powerful MCU; High controlling accuracy; Offline operation function; Identify baud rate automatically; Controlling MCU power supply: 6.5~12 V or 3.5~5.5V. (USB can be used to power the chip on servos board. And it can be chosen automatically. With the USB reverse protection it can protect your computer from been hurted by the reverse USB.); Servos power supply: DC (depends on the motors generally 5V DC); Control channels: 32. (can be controlled at the same time and the accuracy can be adjusted); Communication Input: USB or UART (TTL or USART). (The Bluetooth or some other wireless module can be used to make the controlling); Signal Output: PWM (Accuracy 1us); Servo motor resolution: 1us 0.09 degrees; Baud Rate: 9600192002840057600115200128000(recognized automatically); Servo motors supported: Futaba Hitec or some other Servos Motor controlled by PWM; Dimensions: 63.5mm x 43.5mm x 1.6mm; Control mode: USB and UART (TTL) to accept command. (Comes with USB data wire and PC controlling software); Flash memory: On board 512K ROM (If every command is used to control the 32 motors at the same time more than 500 commands can be saved.) Functions For your DIY project Other Feature 7.35×5.35×0.16cm 23g Packing List 1 x Board
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