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Inspector Anastasia Kamenskaya of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department in a series of psychological mysteries by ALEXANDRA MARININA. [ul]Concurrence of Circumstances [i]1993[/i] Away Game 1993 Stolen Dream 1994 Unwilling Killer 1995 Death for Death’s Sake 1995 Sixes Die First 1995 Death and a Little Love 1995 Black List 1995 Posthumous Image 1995 You Have To Pay For Everything 1995 A Stranger’s Mask 1996 Don’t Disturb the Executioner 1996 The Stylist [i]1996[/i] Illusion of Sin 1996 The Radiant Face of Death 1996 Name of Victim – Nobody 1996 Men’s Games 1997 I Died Yesterday 1997 Requiem 1998 The Ghost of Music 1998 [/ul][b][/b] Translated by Antonina W. Bouis All characters and events described in this book are fictional and any resemblance to actual people and events is purely coincidental.
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