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Philips VisaPure Men Essential Deep pore pack has advanced DualMotion Technology combined rotating and vibrating motion brings you the superb pore cleansing and oil control effect. Features DualMotion Technology Philips Dual Motion technology combines brush rotation with vibration, allowing the bristles to cleanse deeply seated oil and dirt from your face, contributing to a healthy and radiant skin. Silky Soft Bristles Simply use the device in combination with your own daily cleansing product. The silky soft bristles are as gentle as your hands but more effective, reaching all uneven and difficult spots. Multiple Brush Heads Types Multiple brush heads available for different needs. Oil control brush head for daily cleansing and oil control; Deep pore brush head for removing black heads; Precision brush head for the difficult to reach area. Rechargeable When fully charged, the Philips VisaPure MEN Essential provides up to 20 cleanses, equivalent to 10 days of use, twice a day. Waterproof Philips VisaPure MEN Essential is waterproof and can easily be used in the shower and cleaned under the tap. Specification Effective Skin Cleansing Dual Motion Technology Exfoliating Dead skin cells removal Gentle As gentle as hand-cleansing Reduce Black Heads For a clean look Reduce Visible Pores For a clean look Waterproof Can be used in the shower Cordless Up to 20 uses without charging Battery Indicator Indicates battery life Handle Ergonomic for good grip Brush Heads 2 Oil control brush heads, Deep Pore brush head, Precision brush head Instruction for Use User manual Power Adapter 100-240V adapter Charging Time 8 hours Power System Rechargeable battery Running Time 20 times uses of 1 minute each Voltage 100-240 V
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