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Timeless, chic, iconic, and integral to a woman's wardrobe, the little black dress embodies simple elegance and cosmopolitan glamour like no other fashion staple and is undoubtedly the twentieth century's greatest fashion phenomenon. Launched by Coco Chanel's сreре-de-Chine "Ford" model black dress appearing in a sketch in the pages of Vogue in 1926, and becoming by the mid-1930s in advertising the piece of clothing a woman "couldn't live without," the little black dress was immortalized by Audrey Hepburn in her expressive Hubert de Givenchy number in Breakfast at Tiffany's. The little black dress remains the classic fashion piece it has always been, however, today in many marvelous and intrepid iterations, from refined designs in lace and satin to sleek creations in neoprene. Conceived and curated by Vogue contributing editor and fashion force Andre Leon Talley, and published on the occasion of an exhibition at the SCAD Museum of Art at the Savannah College of Art and Design, this book is a celebratory tribute to the iconic little black dress and its deeply resonant cultural and social significance in the modern era. As a selective overview of the little black dress in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, this striking monograph features an impeccable group of more than 80 dresses from many of the most eminent fashion houses. SCAD's premier fashion exhibition, Little Black Dress presents a timeless anthology, with each dress included in the show and catalogue representing an eloquent translation of the enduring icon. For many of the dresses, Talley provides anecdotes in the form of extended captions, relating stories about the dresses and the women who wore them, many of whom are close and personal friends. The provenance and details of every dress are included in an illustrated catalogue section. Three original essays offer personal histories in praise of the little black dress. An introduction by exhibition curator Andre Leon Talley and a foreword by Paula Wallace, SCAD president and co-founder, complete this exquisite volume. With a stunning collection of photographs, Little Black Dress presents a singularly elegant portfolio of fashion's most defiant, enduring, and mesmerizing of creations: the little black dress.

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