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Sense Hobby ESS-AIR Engine Sound Simulator for RC Airplane Warbird Aux channel feature now is on RCPLU audio, it allows you guys get any sounds that you like into ESS Air Simulator. User Manual, Click here Customer Review: Click Here Connection Method: Description: Brand:Sence Hobby Item:ESS-AIR Engine Sound Simulator Supply voltage range:5V-26V Speaker impedance:4 AMP Output power:15W/12V( under 4 ) Number of audio channels:2 Output is short-circuit, overload and thermally protected Usage:for RC Airplane(ESS-AIR D2510W-F speaker is a vibration speaker. Paste the speaker to the surface of a vibrating object to make a sound. The installation and the material and size of the object to which speaker is pasted influence the quality of the sound.) D25102-F Speaker Specifications Diameter:54mm Weight:60g Nominal Impedance:4 Input Power:Nom.5W Max.10W Resonance Frequency:312Hz Features: The amplifier supports 5 - 26 V input voltage. The output power changes according to the changes of the input voltage. Therefore, set the volume based on the voltage that is used. The amplifier supports speakers with a resistance larger than 4. The speaker with 4resistance generates optimum power output. When the input power exceeds 12 V, ensure proper heat dissipation. Select an appropriate volume to control the output power of the amplifier, when the voltage exceeds 12 V and the speaker resistance is 4 the output power of the amplifier is the maximum rated power of 15 W. ESS-AIR uses advanced DNS/DCR algorithm to reproduce the sound of real engines. ESS-AIR supports AUX channel that can simulate a variety of sounds such as gunfire. ESS-AIR supports two sets of engine sounds, which enables fast switching between engine sounds. ESS-AIR supports RC PLUS to realize functional setting and sound purchasing from sound stores. ESS-AIR supports firmware updates and function upgrades. Dozens of warbird sounds will be available in the software soon. Quick Guide Manual, please Click Here Package Included: 1 x ESS-AIR (SE-30D1225C) 1 x T type AMP power cable 2 x Speaker (D2510W-F) 1 x Smart Link 1 x Y Cable 1 x 1 x Quick Guide Manual
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