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CD: 7.1 PCI-e sound card uses PCI-Express bus slot supports 8-channel surround sound output; Support for DLS sound library technology support A3D 1.0 and DS3D compatible with DirectSound 3D and EAX sound effects. Provide a surround sound field and clear sound for home theater 3D games enjoy music karaoke and other entertainment Features and specifications: - PCI-Express 7.1 channel full-duplex sound card - Playback and recording support 24-bit 48 KHz sampling rate - Supports standard iron - Using CM8828 multi-channel sound chip - Compliance with PCI-Express x1 specification revision 1.1 - Meets 8-Channel AC'97 specification revision 2.3 - Sound sampling rate 24-bit 48 KHz playback and recording support - Support Front L / R Surround L / R Centre / Subwoofer S / PDIF-Out - Surround optional daughter card supports the L / R linear input L / R Mono Mic-In S / PDIF-In - The noise balance canceling function when the PC power is turned on or off - System supported: Windows 7/Vista/XP/Server 2003-2008 32/64-bit 2000 ME 98SE OS
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