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Brand exLED Quantity 1 piece(s) Casing Color Silver Material Aluminum Compatible Brand & Model Universal for DC motorcycle electric cars need a voltage converter. Emitter Type LED Total Emitters 6 Light Color White Rated Voltage 12 V Power 30 W Life Span 100000 Hours Luminous Flux 1800 lm Color Temperature 6000~6500 K Connector Type Wired Waterproof Yes Waterproof Rate IP67 Application Headlamp Input Voltage 12 V Working Voltage 12 V Other Features Waterproof; Color: Light White; Suitable voltage: DC voltage DC 12V (10~16V) GM unacceptable AC voltage; Suitable Type: DC Motorcycle Universal electric cars will need to purchase accessories; Highlights: the electric car will need to purchase a voltage converter it can be used. Please confirm whether the size of purchase can be installed the voltage about 12V; Installation: The green line negative positive low-light white wire blue wire positive light brown wire cathode Angel Eyes (cable not connected correctly). Energy specially designed: When the battery is not charging long case continuous light beam up to 6 hours and the circuit will automatically switch to low beam light easy to save power; when the battery power is sufficient to re-light the inner beam lights. Tips: As the light is too bright I remember driving the process as the case consciously distance light switch for the sake of coming cars Packing List 1 x LED headlamps Spotlight (18cm-cable)
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