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Alive and Burning drops a pin in the band's career as their first ever recorded live performance. Filmed in their home town of Los Angeles during the successful black mass tour in support of their self titled fourth album at the world famous Wiltern theatre. The sold out crowd witnessed a career spanning set list featuring classics such as Knives and pens and fallen angels as well as current favorites faithless and the grand finale in the and!Содержание: 01. Heart Of Fire 02. I Am Bulletproof 03. Coffin 04. Faithless 05. Wretched & Divine 06. Knives & Pens 07. Overture 08. Shadows Die Last Rites 09. Rebel Love Song 10. Drum Solo 11. The Legacy Sweet Blasphemy 12. Perfect Weapon 13. Fallen Angels Rebel Yell 14. In The End
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