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The Fenix HL05 LED Headlamp goes multifunctional beyond its limited body size. Measured at only 13g in weight, the HL05 features 4 output modes including red light flash, which delivers up to 280 hours of illumination. This versatile lighting source can be worn on head, clipped on a backpack and hat. It must be the best-buy supplementary lighting device for hiking, reading, camping and more. Meanwhile, it is easy to operate, just Long press the head switch for 0.5 second to turn ON/OFF the headlamp. Dual Light Modes Utilizes white LED and red LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. 4 Output Modes White light features two output options and red light features two output options as well. Powered by Two CR2032 Button Batteries Comes with long standby time of three years and 90 work hours of white light and 280 work hours of red light mode. Excellent Cold-resistant Ability The LED Headlamp is able to illuminate when operating temperature is down to -30 even -60 degree. Waterproof IPX-8 Standard Can be used underwater 2m, very practical. Various Wearing Manners You can wear it on your bicycle, backpack and wrist or head as well. Specifications Name FENIX HL05 Multipurpose LED Headlamps Colorful Night Lights Brand FENIX Model HL05 Type LED Headlamps Body Material Plastic Function Camping, Hiking, Walking, Night Riding, Household Use, EDC Feature Can be Used as Headlamp or Bicycle Light, Angle Adjustment Luminous Flux 8Lm Peak Beam Intensity 5.3cd Beads Number 4 Mode 4 (White: High - Low; Red: Red - Red Flash) Power Source Battery(Included) Working Voltage 3V Beam Distance 0-50m Working Time 280h (Max) Impact Resistance 1M LED Lifespan 50000 Hours Waterproof IPX-8 Standard Waterproof (Underwater 2m) Available Light Color White, Red Product Weight 13g(Excluding Battery) Product Size 36L x 38D x 18Tmm Package Weight 90g Package Size 50 x 50 x 50mm Package Contents 1 x FENIX HL05 Multipurpose LED Headlamp 1 x O-ring 1 x Nylon Bag 2 x CR2032 Button Battery 1 x Headlamp Strap 1 x User Manual
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