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ft232rl xbee usb to serial adapter v1 2 board module for arduino купить по лучшей цене

Overview Gboard is a unique Arduino board which features a SIM900 GSM/GPRS module an XBee socket nRF24L01+ module interface and an ATMega328P controller. This board will add wireless XBee / nRF24L01+ control as well as GSM/GPRS connectivity to your projects. It’s great for anything from home automation to robot control. The possibilities are endless! Gboard can be used as a GSM/GPRS data transfer or wireless communication project development platform. Gboard support wide range power supply and Micro SD for mass storage. There are some 3pin electronic brick/ sensor brick interface breakout on board it offer an easy way for a quick prototyping. The board requires FTDI basic board to upload sketch you can use our Foca board to do it. Gboard can be powered by a mini USB power Jack. Hardware UART Setting Jumpers The SIM900 module and XBee module communicate to ATMega328 through UART. They cannot be used with the same port at the same time so there are two UART setting jumpers to configure the UART communication. The figure of UART setting jumpers is as below. D0 and D1 are hardware UART ports of Arduino. D2 and D3 are digital GPIO of Arduino. There are two configurations to set the UART communication. Description UART Setting Jumpers Connection Hardware UART to SIM900Software UAR to Specific ST D0(Hardware Rx of Arduino)SR D1(Hardware Tx of Arduino)XT D2(Software Rx/Tx of Arduino)XR D3(Software Rx/Tx of Arduino) Software UART to SIM900Hardware UART to Specific XT D0(Hardware Rx of Arduino)XR D1(Hardware Tx of Arduino)ST D2(Software Rx/Tx of Arduino)SR D3(Software Power and reset connection of SIM900 In the GBoard the PWRKEY and RESET pins of SIM900 module connect to Arduino as list below. Arduino pin SIM900 pin Enable D6 PWR High level Active D7 RESET High level Active Software With embedded bootloader Gboard is easy to use by Arduino IDE through Foca series. ISP of Atmega328 is broke out for download firmware easily. Note The GBoard does not have a USB con­nec­tion. So you need a USB/Serial adapter - we recommend the Foca FT232RL breakout board.
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