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Description : MaxTV 2.1X Binocular TV Screen Magnifying Glasses Focusing Glasses Magnifier for Low Vision Features : Lenses are made of hardened scratch resistant acrylic, ultra lightweight. Aspherical lens design, can get distortionless image on the TV. Glasses legs are made of memory metal inside plastic, which is of high elasticity, legs can be adjusted according to user's face and ear shape. Light and right eye lens can be diopter adjusted independently by turning the focus wheel on each side. Great vision aids magnifying glasses for myopes to get 2.1X magnification image on TV screen. Ideal magnifier for clear view of minutiae on the objects for research. Also for fishing, handy crafts making, gardening, outdoor sports etc. Specification : Magnification: 2.1X Dimension: 170 x 140mm (L x W) Weight: 49g Material: PXM ultralight acrylic, ABS, aluminum alloy. Pupillary Distance: 60-68mm Diopter: -3Dpt,cylinder correction independently of light / Right eye lens Angle Field of View: 10 degree, 15/40cm Working Distance: 0-3 meters Package includes : 1 x MaxTV 2.1X TV Screen Magnifying Glasses Details pictures :
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