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Specifications: Type: Telescopic Fishing Rod Color: Black Hardness: Superhard Action: Medium (M) Length: 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m Position: Freshwater Fishing, Sea Fishing Length(m) Closed Length (cm) Sections Weight(g) Top Dia (mm) Butt Dia (mm) Material 2.4 41 8 173 2.2 17.3 Carbon 3.0 43 10 237 2.2 21.0 Carbon 3.6 44 11 291 2.2 22.5 Carbon The above data are for reference only, please allow a little error. Features: This fishing rod is made from carbon fiber, strong and durable. With the features of good elasticity and strong heavy capacity. Portable closed length design for conveniently carrying around. Adjustable length fishing rod for situations where full-size fishing gear is inconvenient. Best suitable for fishing from the shore, reefs and rocks on trips and vacations. Package Included: 1x Fishing Rod ( Without Fishing Reel )

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