Hdtv hdmi av cable adapter usb3 1 type c 8 pin lightning to hdmi 1080p hdtv cable adapter for compute - купить asterias-travel.ru  
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hdtv hdmi av cable adapter usb3 1 type c 8 pin lightning to hdmi 1080p hdtv cable adapter for computer smartphone for iphone купить по лучшей цене

The Lightning to HDMI Adapter supports 1080P high digital signal output. Enjoy your local or online entertainment including movies, TV shows, music, video, audio, photos and more easily on your favorite HDTV or projector in up to 1080P HD resolution. The Lightning digital AV adapter offers you effortless and perfect big screen experience for your compatible iPhone and iPad. Besides, it also supports fast charging for your device with the USB cable. Video-out Support up to 1080P Allows you to enjoy crisp, high-definition video on an HDTV, video projection screen or other HDMI-compatible display. Support 3D Effect High-quality image and resolution, just enjoy your 3D effect of movie or games from now. Multi Media Mirroring Makes it easy to watch movies, TV shows and view apps, presentations, Web sites in high definition resolution. Lightning Connector Provides a simple connection for apple devices with lightning connector. HDMI Connector Plug the HDMI connector into your HDMI-Enabled devices, no more extra HDMI cable needed. USB Connector Provides fast charging for your iPhone or iPad. Plug-And-Play No software needed, convenient to use. Compatibility Compatible with iPhone 5/5C/ 5S/ 6/ 6 Plus/ 6S/ 6S Plus/ 7/ 7 Plus and iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular Model). Note For iPad User: This adapter is only compatible with the (Wi-Fi + Cellular Model / WiFi + 3G) iPad version, not for iPad with only WiFi function, because the cable is required to use the "Cellular feature" and "Personal Hotspot" . Specification Name Apple 8Pin Lightning to HDMI Cable Video Quality 1080P Special Function 3D effect Connector A 8Pin Lightning Male Connector B HDMI Male Connector C USB 2.0 Male Cable Length 2m Package Included 1 x 8Pin Lightning to HDMI Adapter Cable Package Size 20L x 14W x 3H cm Weight 80g
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