Hdtv hdmi av cable adapter usb3 1 type c 8 pin lightning to hdmi 1080p hdtv cable adapter for compute - купить asterias-travel.ru  
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hdtv hdmi av cable adapter usb3 1 type c 8 pin lightning to hdmi 1080p hdtv cable adapter for computer smartphone for iphone купить по лучшей цене

video HDMI Adapter for iPhone/iPad/iPod,which supports iPhone and iPod featuring the lightning connector.use it with iPhone or iPad to enjoy your favorite local or online entertainment easily on your HDTV or projector in up to 1080p full HD display-movies,TV shows, music, video, audio, photo and more from YouTube, IE browser, Chrome browser and etc.No more only oneself enjoy happiness by small screens and tiny speakers.Use it,so you can share the happiness with your family or friend together on your big HDTV or project! Everything you love,now on your TV or projector. Plug and PlayNo need Hotspot and Wi-Fi certified, just play and play, you can enjoy full HD display in seconds from your iPhone/iPad/iPod devices to HDMI-enabled devices. 1080P Full HD Display 1080p high resolution, gives you super clear visual effect. HDMI Male Connector Connects to your display with an HDMI input, such as HDTV, monitor and projector. Wide Compatibility Works with your iPhone or iPad or iPod with a 8 pin lightning connector, like iPhone 7. Simultaneous Charging Supported The USB cable also charge for your mobile device when it's in use. Note 1.This HDTV Adapter Lightning to HDMI AV Cable Adapter is only for iOS8.0 or above.2. When you first time to connect your phone to TV, you may need choose "trust " or "not trust " warnings on your phone, pls choose trust ,then connected 3. After connecting your phone to TV, pls wait a while, which may take 10 seconds or so to display on TV . Specifications Name Lightning to HDMI Cable Cable Length 2m Connector 1 Lightning Male (input) Connector 2 HDMI Male (output) Connector 3 USB 2.0 Type-A (power supply) Resolution Up to 1080P Package Contents 1 x Lightning to HDMI Cable
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