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The present study was conducted in Karak area to know about the average production of honey per colony. The minimum production of honey per colony was 2 kg while the maximum production of honey per colony was 20 kg in district Karak area. Four types of honey bees are found. These are Apis mellifera, A. dorseta, A. cerana and A. florae. The A. dorseta is the largest bee and black in color. The roduction of honey of this bee is good. They produce 30–40 kg of honey per colony in single year but the quality of the honey is inferior. The A. cerana commonly called Indian bee or khong bee, median in size and golden in color. They are found in dry, shadowy and dark places. They produced 10 kg of honey per colony annually. The quality of honey is superior. The A. florae is the smallest bee the amongst honey bees, golden in color. This bee is found in dry and shadowy bushy plant. Honey production is very low. Five hundred grams of honey is produced by this bee but quality of honey is good.
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