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The protection board using a lithium polymer rechargeable battery protection IC / AO MOS Tube; 1. For each cell in the high-precision voltage detection function; 2. 3 overcurrent detection function; 3.Through the MOS transistor can control the battery charging and discharging; 4. Wide operating temperature range: -40'C~+85'C; 5. Low current consumption. Application 3 string nickel cobalt manganese lithium ternary lithium cobalt oxide lithium manganese lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack; 3 series lithium polymer rechargeable battery packs Welding Point B4 + not connected; B3 + battery cathode connected to the group; B2 + cell 1 and cell 2 pick in contact; B1 + 2 connected batteries and battery 3 contacts; Negative B-connected battery pack; B3 + connection charge / discharge upright pole (charging end the discharge end shared); P-connection charge / discharge end of the negative (charging end the discharge end shared); Precautions 1. Please note that the input and output voltage and load current conditions protection board power consumption does not exceed the specifications of the power dissipation; 2. When connecting the battery discharge may not occur in the case in this case the connection charge can be restored to normal operation; 3. Battery overcharge and over-discharge of the battery case becomes mixed with the charge state and overdischarge state it is impossible to charge and discharge; 4. The protection board built-in electrostatic protection circuit but please do not apply more than the protection plate circuit performance electrostatic discharge protection board.
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