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Dale Evers knew that he had already waited too long to place a ring on the finger of Amanda Pike. To correct this situation he plans the perfect marriage proposal. Dales’ plan is put on hold when he receives an unexpected work assignment and instead of proposing to Amanda, he finds himself on the other side of the world.Amanda is always on his mind and Dale is frustrated when in spite of his best efforts to be with her—work keeps them apart. Dale is elated when his travel plans included a long layover at an airport close to Amanda. Dale can hardly control his excitement when he anticipates a surprise visit to Amanda—only to be disappointed when he learns that Amanda has left town with another man. As Dale sits on the bench in the town square beside the majestic clock tower—the very place he had planned to propose to Amanda, Dale wipes a tear from his eye. A lump forms in his throat as he wonders if he will ever be the groom at Amanda’s wedding—or if he was destined to be a Wedding Guest.

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