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meeeno mn eb ledpy piranha led yellow light indicator module for arduino купить по лучшей цене

Brand Meeeno Model Track sensor brick Quantity 1 Color Yellow Material FR4 Features The track sensor brick is based on TCRT5000 photoelectricity sensitive element; It is sensitive to detect the infrared reflected signal; Works with Arduino sensor expansion board can make black / white light detection obstacle detection shredder shredded paper detection watt hour meter pulse data sampling and other products Specification 3-pin connector input 5V-GND S-pin output digital voltage signal 0~1; Working voltage: 5.0V; TCRT5000 photovoltaic conversion component with infrared emitting and receiving LED in the component; Emitting LED working current: 10mA; Receiving LED working current: 0.1mA; Indicator light: Signal indicator (track the black line indicator is on); PCB installation hole: 3.2mm stand copper cylinder screw; Interface type: Analog; Pin Definition: 1-Signal 2-VCC 3-GND; Fast response and High sensitivity; Simple drive circuit; Stable and long life Application Arduino teaching DIY project singlechip learning and experiment English Manual/Spec Yes (electronic format) Other A product for Arduino that works with official Arduino boards. Packing List 1 x Track sensor brick module
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