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Features Works as a microscope, endoscope, otoscope, etc. 1/10 to 200 Magnifications. 5 mega pixels high definition. Manual focusing. Adjustable LED illumination. Work by connecting to a PC through the USB cable. Software function: taking photos, video; length/radian/angle measurement, marking. Video: with extra-long time 11 hours video recording up to 3.6G memory. A metal mini tripod provided to support working of the USB microscope. Portable and mini pen size, easy to carry and handle. Application Medical observation: skin, ear, mouth, hair, etc. Anti-counterfeit: false label, jewelers, tiny print, antiquary, forged money, security identification, etc. Quality checking: material, design, repair, metal surface, printing, etc. Electronic checking: SMT, PCB board, computer, TV, car, etc. Education research: biological sample, living creature observation, auxiliary reading, etc. Specifications Operation Systems Windows Light Source Adjustable LED Illumination(USB Interface) Display Speed 30fps Pixels 0.3m Interface USB 2.0 x 125Lmm USB Cable Length 150cm Package Size 17L x 11W x 4H cm Package Included 1 x USB Microscope, 1 x Tripod, 1 x CD, 1 x User Manual Weight 250g
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