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In order to help you record videos in certain situations, the  Skokie S24 Recording Camera Pen is right here. Looks like a pen, this Miniature Camera Recorder has a tiny size which is convenient is carry with and easy to hide. Beside video recording, you can also use it as a digital voice pen. Features Imported Lithium Battery Great power supply for the camera to work for 3 hours. 125° Wide Angle LensWide angle lens of 125 degree, record more photo details. Mini Body Tiny in size, the mini body is easy to install can be taken to anywhere. HD Video Recording Support both 1080P and 720P high definition video recording. 18MP Photo Shooting High performance camera, provides high quality photos. Motion Detection When there is motion signal, the camera can power on automatically and record. If not, it can be powered off turn into sleep mode to save battery and memory. Independent Voice Recording The camera can be used as a voice recorder when it is not convenient for video recording. Working While Charging USB cable plugged in, the camera can be working and charging at the same time, makes it possible to record continuously. Looping Recording When the memory card is full, the old video will be deleted automatically and the latest video will be kept, no more need to worry. Note The memory card is not included in the package, it should be bought individually if needed. Specification Pixels 18MP Camera 125 degree wide angle, 360 degree rotating angle Photo Resolution 18MP Video Resolution 1920 x 1080P(30FPS), 1280 x 720P(30-60FPS) Video Code H.264 MOW Battery Using Time 10 hours Voice Recording About 8 hours(voice recording only) Package Contents 1 x Skokie S24 Recorder, 1 x Battery, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x Charger, 1 x Manual
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