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Inside the two covers, transmittivity of photonic multiple quantum well-constructed using suitable semiconductor heterostructure composition is numerically analyzed by transfer matrix technique. From the result, bandwidth of the proposed photonic bandpass filter is computed under both polarized and normal incidence, and results are compared for identical structural parameters. Conventional photonic crystal is made by SiO2/air combination, and results are also calculated for it. Comparative study reveals the fact that our proposed heterostructure composition is far suitable for bandpass filter design when optical communication at 1550 nm is of prime concerned, and better tuning of bandwidth is also possible. Analysis for photonic crystal fiber is made with SiO2-Air composition for performance study through V-parameter, cladding index and effective mode profiles. Comparative analysis is carried out between these two material compositions which reveal that proposed heterostructure may provide better performance as filter and also efficient in guiding electromagnetic wave. Results will paly critical role in designing optical bandpass filter in future photonic integrated circuit.
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