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CD 1: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. War Requiem War Requiem, Op.66: Roger Burney - Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Volunteer ReservePiers Dunkerley - Captain, Royal MarinesDavid Gill - Ordinary Seaman, Royal NavyMichael Halliday - Lieutenant, Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer ReserveLatin Text From Missa Pro DefunctisPoems By Wilfred OwenRequiem Aeternam:01. Requiem Aeternam (Chorus) 02. What Passing Bells For These Who Die As Cattle? (Tenor) Dies Irae: 03. Dies Irae (Chorus) 04. Bugles Sang (Baritone) 05. Liber Scriptus Proferetur (Soprano) 06. Out There (Tenor And Baritone) 07. Recordare Jesu Pie (Chorus)08. Be Slowly Lifted Up (Baritone) 09. Dies Irae 10. Lacrimosa Dies Ilia (Soprano And Chorus) 11. Move Him Into The Sun (Tenor) Offertorium: 12. Domine Jesu Christe (Boys) 13. So Abram Rose (Tenor And Baritone) Sanctus: 14. Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus (Soprano And Chorus) 15. After The Blast Of Lightning (Bantone)Agnus Dei: 16 One Ever Hangs (Tenor And Chorus) Libera Me: 17. Libera Me, Domine (Chorus) 18. It Seemed That Out Of Battle I Escaped (Tenor)19. Let Us Sleep Now... In Paradisum (Baritone, Tenor, Boys, Soprano And Chorus) Galina Vishnevskaya - SopranoPeter Pears - TenorDietrich Fischer-Dieskau - BaritoneThe Bach Choir & London Symphony ChorusChorus Master: David WillcocksHighgate School ChoirDirector: Edward ChapmanSimon Preston - OrganMelos EnsembleLondon Symphony OrchestraBenjamin BrittenCD 2: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Spring Symphony / Cantata AcademicaSpring Symphony, Op.44: Part I: 01. I. Introduction: Shine Out (Anon, 16th Century) 02. II. The Merry Cuckoo (Edmund Spenser) 03. III. Spring, The Sweet Spring (Thomas Nashe) 04. IV. When As The Rye (The Driving Boy) (George Peele & John Clare) 05. V. Now The Bright Morning Star (John Milton) Part II: 06. VI. Welcome Maids Of Honour (Robert Herrick) 07. VII. Waters Above! (Henry Vaughan) 08. VIII. Out On The Lawn I Lie In Bed (W. H. Auden) Part III: 09. IX. When Will My May Come (Richarxt Barnefietd) 10. X. Fair And Fair (George Peele) 11. XI. Sound The Flute! (William Blake) Part IV: 12. XII. Finale: London, To Thee I Do Present (Beaumont & Fletcher) Jennifer Vyvyan - SopranoNorma Procter - ContraltoPeter Pears - TenorBoys From Emanuel School, WandsworthOrchestra And Chorus Of The Royal Opera House, Covent GardenBenjamin BrittenCantata Academica (Carmen Basilienses), Op.62: Part I: 13. I. Bonorum Summum Omnium / II. Quae Bene Beateque Vivendi 14. III. At Huius Caelestis / IV. Maiorum Imprimis Virtus / V. Turn Vera Aeneas Sylvius15. VI. Et Gubemacula Mundi Qui Tenet / VII. Ut Ad Longaeva TemporaPart II: 16. VIII. Docendi Ac Discendi Aequitati 17. IX. Rhenana Erga Omnes Urbs / X. Ut Iustissime Basilea Audat / XI. O Cives Basilienses18. XII. Nos Autem Cuncti Hoc Festo Die / XIII. Vigeatque Academia LiberaJennifer Vyvyan - SopranoHelen Watts - ContraltoPeter Pears - TenorOwen Brannigan - BassHarold Lester - PianoLondon Symphony Orchestra And Chorus George MalcolmHymn To St Cecilia, Op.27: 19. I. In A Garden Shady 20. II. I Cannot Grow 21. III. O Ear Whose Creatures Cannot Wish To FallLondon Symphony Chorus George MalcolmCD 3: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Saint Nicolas Saint Nicolas, Op.42: 01. Introduction02. The Birth Of Nicolas03. Nicolas Devotes Himself To God04. He Journeys To Palestine05. Nicolas Comes To Myra And Is Chosen Bishop06. Nicolas From Prison07. Nicolas And The Pickled Boys08. His Piety And Marvellous Works09. The Death Of NicolasPeter Pears - TenorDavid Hemmings - Boy SopranoRalph Downes - OrganGirls' Choir Of Sir John Leman School, BecclesBoys' Choir Of Ipswich School Preparatory DepartmentThree Boys From The Choir Of St Mary-Le-Tower, IpswichAldeburgh Festival Choir And OrchestraBenjamin BrittenFive Flower Songs, Op.47: 10. I. To Daffodils (Robert Herrick) 11. II. The Succession Of The Four Sweet Months (Robert Herrick) 12. III. Marsh Flowers (George Crabbe) 13. IV. The Evening Primrose (John Clare) 14. V. Ballad Of Green Broom (Anon) Elizabethan Singers Louis Halsey15. Cantata Misericordium, Op.69Peter Pears - TenorDietrich Fischer-Dieskau - BaritoneLondon Symphony Chorus London Symphony Orchestra Benjamin BrittenCD 4: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. A Boy Was Born / A Ceremony Of CarolsA Boy Was Born, Op.3: 01. Theme: A Boy Was Born (Anon, 16th Century) 02. Variation I: Lullay Jesu (Anon, Before 1356) 03. Variation II: Herod (Anon, 15th Century) 04. Variation III: Jesu As Thou Art Our Saviour (Anon, 15th Century) 05. Variation IV: The Three Kings (Anon, 15th Century) 06. Variation V: In The Bleak Mid-Winter (Christina Rossetti - Anon, 15th Century) 07. Variation VI: Finale - Noel! (Anon, 15th Century - Thomas Rugger, Francis Quarles) Michael Hartnett - TreblePurcell SingersBoys' Voices Of The English Opera Group Choristers Of All Saints, Margaret StreetBenjamin Britten08. Corpus Christi CarolJohn Hahessy - Boy AltoBenjamin Britten - Piano09. A Wealden Trio: Christmas Song Of The Women (1929) 10. The Sycamore Tree (1930) (Traditional) 11. A Shepherd's Carol (1944) (W.H. Auden) The Wilbye ConsortPeter Pears - DirectorChrist's Nativity -Christmas Suite For Chorus (1931) (Henry Vaughan): 12. Christ's Nativity 13. Sweet Was The Song (Judith Harris, Mezzo-Soprano) 14. Preparations 15. New Prince, New Pomp (Margaret Feaviour, Soprano) 16. Carol Of King CnutBbc SingersSteuart BedfordA Ceremony Of Carols, Op. 28: 17. Procession 18. Wolcum Yule! (Anon) 19. There Is No Rose (Anon) 20. That Yonge Child (Anon) (Anon) 21. Balulalow (James, John And Robert Wedderburn) 22. As Dew In Aprille (Anon) 23. This Little Babe (Southwell) 24. Interlude (Andante Pastorale) 25. In Freezing Winter Night (Southwell) 26. Spring Carol (Cornish) 27. Deo Gracias - Adam Lay Ibounden (Anon) 28. Recession Copenhagen Boys' ChoirChoir Master: Mogens WoldikeEnid Simon - HarpBenjamin Britten29. The Holly And The Ivy (1957) Elizabethan SingersLouis HalseyCD 5: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Friday Afternoons / Choral WorksSongs From "Friday Afternoons", Op.7: 01. Begone, Dull Care! (Anon.)02. A Tragic Story (Thackeray) 03. Cuckoo! (Jane Taylor) 04. A New Year Carol (Anon.) 05. I Mun Be Married On Sunday (Nicholas Udall) 06. There Was A Man Of Newington (Anon.) 07. Fishing Song (Izaak Walton) 08. The Useful Plough (Anon.) 09. Jazz-Man (Eleanor Farjeon) 10. There Was A Monkey (Anon.) 11. Old Abram Brown (Anon.) 12. Ee-Oh! (Anon.) Choir Of Downside School, PurleyDerrick Herdman - Director Of MuskViola Tunnard - PianoBenjamin BrittenGemot Fuhrmann - TrebleAndrei Gavrilov - PianoWiener Sangerknaben Jaume Miranda - Chorus Master13. Psalm 150, Op.67Downside School Choir & OrchestraDerrick Herdman - Director Of MuskBenjamin BrittenThree Two-Part Songs (1932): 14. I. The Ride-By-Nights 15. II. The Rainbow 16. The Ship Of RioNew London Children's ChoirAlexander Wells - PianoRonald CorpTwo Two-Part Songs (1933): 17. I. Lov'd A Lass (George Wither) 18. II. Lift Boy (Robert Graves) Elizabethan SingersWilfrid Parry - PianoLouis Halsev19. The Birds (1934) John Hahessy - Boy AltoBenjamin Britten - Piano20. A Hymn To The Virgin (1930, Rev. 1934) The Choir Of St John's College, CambridgeBrian Runnett - OrganGeorge Guest21. Jubilate Deo In E Flat (1934) Truro Cathedral ChoirLuke Bond - OrganChristopher Gray22. Те Deum In С (1934) The Choir Of King's College, CambridgeRory Phillips - TrebleJames Lancelot - OrganPhilip Ledger23. Advance Democracy - Motet (1938) The Sixteen Harry Christophers24. Deus In Adjutorium Meum (1945) (Psalm 70) (This Way To The Tomb) The Choir Of Tnmty College, Cambridge Richard MarlowA.M.D.G. (1939): 25. Heaven-Haven26. O Deus, Ego Amo Te 27. Rosa Mystica 28. The Soldier 28. Prayer II29. God's Grandeur30. Prayer ILondon Sinfom'etta Chorus Terry EdwardsCD 6: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Rejoice In The Lamb / Missa Brevis Rejoice In The Lamb, Op.30: 01. Rejoice In God, O Ye Tongues 02. For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffrey03. For The Mouse Is A Creature Of Great Personal Valour 04. For The Flowers Are Great Blessings05. For I Am Under The Same Accusation06. For H Is A Spirit Michael Hartnett - TrebleJonathan Steele - AltoPhilip Todd - TenorDonald Francke - BassGeorge Malcolm - OrganThe Purcell Singers Benjamin Britten07. Ballad Of Little Musgrave And Lady Barnard (1943) (Anon) 08. Chorale After An 4.06 Old French Carol (1944) Elizabethan Singers Louis Halsey09.Festival Те Deum, Op.32 The Choir Of St John's College, CambridgeBrian Runnett - OrganGeorge Guest10. A Wedding Anthem, Op.46The SixteenMargaret Phillips - OrganHarry Christophers11. A Hymn To St Peter, Op.56aThe Choir Of St John's College, CambridgeBrian Runnett - OrganGeorge Guest 12. Antiphon, Op.56b The SixteenMargaret Phillips - OrganHarry ChristophersMissa Brevis, Op.63: 13. Купе Eleison 14 Gloria In Excelsis Deo 15. Sanctus... Benedictus 16. Agnus Dei The Choir Of St John's College, CambridgeBrian Runnett - OrganGeorge GuestCD 7: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Sacred And Profane01. Jubilate Deo In C (1961) The Choir Of St John's College, CambridgeBrian Runnett - OrganGeorge Guest02. Venite Exultemus Domino (Psalm 95) (1961) The Choir Of Trinity College, CambridgeRichard Marlow03. A Hymn Of St Columba (1962) The Choir Of St John's College, CambridgeBrian Runnett - OrganGeorge Guest04. God Save The Queen (Anonymous, Arr. Britten) London Symphony ChorusLondon Symphony OrchestraBenjamin Britten05. Voices For Today, Op.75Cambridge University Musical Society Chorus The Choir Of King's College, Cambridge Sir David Willcocks Benjamin BrittenSacred And Profane, Op.91: 06. St Godric's Hymn 07. I Mon Waxe Wod 08. Lenten Is Come 09. The Long Night 10. Yif Ic Of Luve Can 11. Carol12. Ye That Pasen By 13. A DeathThe Wilbye Consort Peter Pears - Director14. Welcome Ode, Op.95Suffolk Schools' Orchestra & Jubilee Choir Keith ShawPraise We Great Men: 15. 'Praise We Great Men' - 16. 'Praise We The Just' - 17. (Coda) Alison Hargan - opranoMary King - Mezzo-SopranoRobert Tear - TenorSir Willard White - BassCity Of Birmingham Symphony Chorus City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Sir Simon RattleCD 8: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Serenade For Tenor, Horn And Srtings / Our Hunting FathersQuatre Chansons Franchises (1928): 01. Les Nuits De Juin (Victor Hugo) 02. Sagesse (Paul Verlaine) 03. L'Enfance (Victor Hugo) 04. Chanson D'automne (Pout Verlaine) Jill Gomez - SopranoCity Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Sir Simon Rattle05. Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal (1943): Neil Mackie - TenorBarry Tuckwell - HornScottish Chamber OrchestraSteuart BedfordOur Hunting Fathers, Op.8: 06. Prologue 07. I. Rats Away! (Anon) 08. II. Messalina (Anon) 09. III. Dance Of Death (T. Ravenscroft) 10. Epilogue And Funeral March Elisabeth Soderstrom - SopranoOrchestra Of The Welsh National Opera Richard ArmstongBallad Of Heroes, Op.14: 11. I. Funeral March 12. II. Scherzo 13. III. Recitative And Choral Robert Tear - TenorCity Of Birmingham Symphony Chorus City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Sir Simon RattleSerenade Op.31: 14. Prologue 15. Pastoral (Cotton) 16. Nocturne (Tennyson)17. Elegy (Blake) 18. Dirge (Anon) 19. Hymn (Jonson) 20. Sonnet (Keats) 21. Epilogue Peter Pears - TenorBarry Tuckwell - HornLondon Symphony Orchestra Benjamin BrittenCD 9: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Les Illuminations / Nocturne / Phaedra Les Illuminations, Op.18: 01. Fanfare 02. Villes 03. Phrase 04. Antique 05. Royaute 06. Marine 07. Interlude 08. Being Beauteous 09. Parade 10. Depart Peter Pears - TenorEnglish Chamber Orchestra Benjamin BrittenThree Additional Songs For Les Illuminations, (Discarded 1939): 11. Phrase 12. Aube 13. A Une Raison Sandrine Piau - SopranoNorthern SinfoniaThomas Zehetmair Nocturne, Op.60: 14. On A Poet's Lips I Slept (Shelley: Prometheus Unbound) 15. Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep (Tennyson: The Kraken) 16. Encinctured With A Twine Of Leaves (Coleridge: The Wanderings Of Coin) 17. Midnight's Bell Goes Ting, Ting, Ting,... (Middleton: Burt, Master Constable) 18. But That Night When On My Bed I Lay (Wordsworth: The Prelude (1805)) 19. She Sleeps On Soft, Last Beaths (Owen: The Kind Ghosts) 20. What Is More Gentle Than A Wind In Summer? (Keats: Sleep And Poetry) 21. When Most I Wink, Then Do My Eyes Best See (Shakespeare: Sonnet 43) Peter Pears - Tenor Barry Tuckwell - HornWilliam Waterhouse - BassoonOsian Ellis - HarpDenis Blyth - TimpaniRoger Lord - Cor AnglaisAlexander Murray - FluteGervase De Peyer - ClarinetStrings Of The London Symphony Orchestra Benjamin BrittenPhaedra, Op.93: 22. In May, In Brilliant Athens 23. Oh Gods Of Wrath 24. My Time's Too Short, Your HighnessJanet Baker - PhaedraEnglish Chamber OrchestraSteuart BedfordCD 10: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Canticles I-V Canticles: 01. Canticle I: My Beloved Is Mine, Op.40Peter Pears - TenorBenjamin Britten - Piano02. Canticle II: Abraham And Isaac, Op.51:The Chester Miracle PlayJohn Hahessy - AltoPeter Pears - TenorBenjamin Britten - Piano03. Canticle III: Still Falls The Rain, Op.55: Edith SitwellPeter Pears - TenorBarry Tuckwell - HornBenjamin Britten - Piano04. Canticle IV: Journey Of The Magi, Op.86: T. S. EliotJames Bowman - Counter-TenorPeter Pears - TenorJohn Shirley-Quirk - BaritoneBenjamin Britten - Piano05. Canticle V: The Death Of St Narcissus, Op.89: T. S. Eliot06. A Birthday Hansel, Op.92: Robert BurnsPeter Pears - TenorOsian Ellis - Harp07. Sweeter Than Roses (Purcell, Arr. Britten) James Bowman - Counter-TenorBenjamin Britten - PianoCD 11: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. The Song Cycles 1The Song Cycles 1: The Heart Of The Matter (1956): 01. Prologue: Where Are The Seeds Of Universal Fire02. Reading: The Earth Of My Heart Was Broken-Fanfare-Reading: In The Hour When The Sapphire Of The Bone 03. Song: We Are The Darkness In The Heat Of The Day 04. Reading: In Such A Heat Of The Earth 05. Canticle III: Still Falls The Rain 06. Reading: I See Christ's Wounds Weep In The Rose On The Wall 07. Epilogue: So, Out Of The Dark Neil Mackie - TenorRoger Vignotes - PianoBarry Tuckwell - HornPeter Pears - SpeakerTit For Tat (1931 Rev. 1968): 08. A Song Of Enchantment 09. Autumn 10. Silver 11. Vigil 12. Tit For Tat John Shirley-Quirk - BaritoneBenjamin Britten - PianoOn This Island, Op.11: 13. I. Let The Florid Music Praise! 14. II. Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast 15. III. Seascape 16. IV. Nocturne 17. V. As It Is, Plenty Barbara Bonney - SopranoMalcolm Martineau - PianoFour Cabaret Songs (1939): 18. Calypso 19. Tell Me The Truth About Love 20. Johnny 21. Funeral Blues Caryl Hughes - Mezzo-SopranoMalcolm Martineau - PianoSeven Sonnets Of Michelangelo, Op.22: 22. Si Come Nella Penna (Sonetto XVI) 23. A Che Piu Debb'io Mai (Sonetto XXXI) 24. Veggio Со' Bel Vostri Occhi (Sonetto XXX) 25.Tu Sa' Ch'io So (Sonetto LV) 26. Rendete A Gli Occhi Miei (Sonetto XXXVIII) 27. S' Un Casto Amor (Sonetto XXXII) 28. Spirito Ben Nato (Sonetto XXIV) Peter Pears - TenorBenjamin Britten - PianoCD 12: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. The Song Cycles 2The Song Cycles 2: Hie Holy Sonnets Of John Donne, Op.35: 01. Oh My Blacke Soule! 02. Batter My Heart 03. Oh Might Those Sighes And Teares 04. Oh, To Vex Me 05. What If This Present 06. Since She Whom I Lov'd 07. At The Round Earth's Imagin'd Corners08. Thou Hast Made Me 09. Death Be Not Proud Peter Pears - TenorBenjamin Britten - PianoA Charm Of Lullabies, Op.41: 10. Cradle Song (William Blake) 11. The Highland Bales (Robert Burns) 12. Sephestia's Lullaby (Robert Greene) 13. A Charm (Thomas Randolph) 14. The Nurse's Song (John Phillip) Pamela Bowden - ContraltoPeter Gellhorn - PianoWinter Words, Op.52: 15. At Day-Close In November16. Midnight On The Great Western17. Wagtail And Baby18. The Little Old Table19. The Choirmaster's Burial20. Proud Songsters21. At The Railway Station, Upwa22. Before Life And AfterPeter Pears - TenorBenjamin Britten - PianoTwo Additional Settings For Winter Words (Discarded): 23. If It's Ever Spring Again (Thomas Hardy)(1953)24. The Children And Sir Nameless (Thomas Hardy)(1953) Robin Tritschler - TenorMalcolm Martineau - PianoSongs From The Chinese, Op.58: 25. The Big Chariot (Anon., Trs. Arthur Waley) 26. The Old Lute (Po Chu-I, Trs. Arthur Waley) 27. The Autumn Wind (Wu-Ri Trs. Arthur Waley) 28. The Herd-Boy (Lu Yu. Trs. Arthur Waley) 29. Depression (Po Chu-I, Trs, Arthur Waley) 30. Dance Song (Anon., Trs. Arthur Waley) Peter Pears - Tenor Julian Bream - GutarCD 13: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. The Song Cycles 3The Song Cycles 3: Six Holderlin Fragments, Op.61: 01. Menschenbeifall 02. Dieheimat 03. Sokrates Und Alcibiades 04. Diejugend 05. Halfte Des Lebens 06. Die Linien Des Lebens Peter Pears - TenorBenjamin Britten - PianoSongs And Proverbs Of William Blake, Op.74: 07. The Pride Of The Peacock ... London08. Prisons Are Built... The Chimney Sweeper09. The Bird A Nest... A Poison Tree10. Think In The Morning... The Tyger11. The Tygers Of Wrath... The Fly12. The Hours Of Folly... Ah, Sun-Flower13. To See A World... Every Night & Every MornDietrich Fischer-Dieskau - BaritoneBenjamin Britten - PianoThe Poet's Echo, Op.76: 14. Ekho (Echo) 15. Ya Dumal, Serdtse Pozabilo... (My Heart, I Thought You Had Forgotten...) 16. Angel (The Angel) 17. Solovyei I Roza (The Nightingale And The Rose) 18. Epigramma (Epigram) 19. Stikhi, Sochinyonniye Nochyu Vo Vremya Bessonnitsi (Lines Written During A Sleepless Night) Galina Vishnevskaya - SopranoMstislav Rostropovich - PianoWho Are These Children? Op.84: 20. A Riddle (The Earth) 21. A Laddie's Sang22. Nightmare23. Black Day24. Bed-time25. Slaughter26. Riddle (The child you were) 27. The Larky Lad28. Who are these children? 29. Supper30. The Children31. The Auld AikPeter Pears - TenorBenjamin Britten - PianoThree Rhymes By William Soutar (1971): 32. Dawtie's Devotion 33. The Gully 34. TraditionNicky Spence - TenorMalcolm Martineau - PianoCD 14: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Early And Miscellaneous SongsEarly And Miscellaneous Songs: 01. Beware! (1923) (Henry Wordsworth Longfellow) 02. That I Had Ne'er Been Married (1922) (Robert Burns) 03. Epitaph: The Clerk (1926) (Herbert Asquith) 04. Of A' The Airts The Wind Can Blaw (1926) (Robert Burns) 05. A Dirge (1926) (Percy Bysshe Shelley) 06. Prithee (1926) (Sir John Suckling) 07. The Joy Of Grief (1926) (Alfred Tennyson) 08. Virtue In Deeds Not Words (1926) (Philip Bailey) 09. Lucy (1926) (William Wordsworth) 10. Dans Les Bois (1928) (Gerard De Nerval) 11. Lilian (1929) (Alfred Tennyson) 12. Diaphenia (1929) (Henry Chettle) 13. The Owl (1929) (Alfred Tennyson) 14. Witches' Song (1929) (Ben Johnson) 15. O Why Did E're My Thoughts (1929) (Charles Sackville) 16. Chamber Music V (1930) (James Joyce) 17. Song - Take, O Take Those Lips Away (William Shakespeare) Two Ballads For Two Voices And Piano (1936): 18. I. Mother Comfort (Montagu Slater) 19. II. Underneath The Abject Willow (W. H. Auden)20. A Poison Tree (1935) (William Blake) 21. Not Even Summer Yet (1937) (Peter Buna) 22. The Red Cockatoo (1938) (Arthur Waley) Six Settings Of W.H. Auden (1937-41) 23. To Lie Flat On The Back24. Night Covers Up The Rigid Land25. The Sun Shines Down26. Fish In The Unruffled Lakes27. What's In Your Mind? 28. Underneath The Abject Willow29. Wild With Passion (1942) (Thomas Lovell Beddoes) 30. If Thou Wilt Ease Thine Heart (1942) (Thomas Lovell Beddoes) 31. Sleep, My Darling, Sleep - Cradle Song For Eleanor (1942) (Louis Macneice) 32. Birthday Song For Erwin (1945) (Ronald Duncan) 33. Urn Mitternacht (1962) (Wolfgang Von Goethe) 34. The Bitter Withy (1962) 35. King Herod And The Cock (1962) 36. Fancie (1961) (William Shakespeare) 37. The Oxen (1967) (Thomas Hardy) 38. May (1934) 39. The Twelve Apostles (1962) Philip Smith - BaritoneNicky Spence - TenorJames Geer - TenorKatherine Broderick - SopranoAndrew Tortise - TenorCaryl Hughes - Mezzo-SopranoBen Johnson - TenorElizabeth Atherton - SopranoAndrew Swait - TrebleJames Bowman - Counter-TenorBenedict Nelson - BaritoneAllan Clayton - TenorRobin Tritschler - TenorFelicity Lotth - SopranoAnn Murray - Mezzo-SopranoPhilip Langridge - TenorBenjamin Hulett - TenorMalcolm Martineau - PianoWenhaston Boys' Choir Andrew Plant - PianoNew London Children's ChoirGraham Johnson - PianoDavid Owen Norris - PianoAlexander Wells - PianoRonald Corp - ConductorCD 15: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Folksongs 1Folksongs 1: 01. The Foggy, Foggy Dew 02. Sally In Our Alley03. Tom Bowling (Dibdin, Arr. Britten) 04. The Lincolnshire Poacher05. The Brisk Young Widow06. O Waly, Waly 07. Sweet Polly Oliver 08. Early One Morning09. The Bonny Earl O' Moray 10. The Ash Grove 11. Come You Not From Newcastle? 12. Le Roi S'en Va-T'-En Chasse 13. La Belle Est Au Jardin D'amour 14. The Minstrel Boy 15. How Sweet The Answer16. The Last Rose Of Summer17. Avenging And Bright18. Oft In The Stilly Night 19. The Miller Of Dee 20. Ca' The Yowes21. The Plough Boy 22. The Salley Gardens23. Little Sir William24. Oliver Cromwell25. Heigh Ho! Heigh Hi! 26. There's None To Soothe 27. II Est Quelqu'un Sur Terre 28. O Can Ye Sew Cushions? 29. The Trees They Grow So High 30. Void Le Printemps31. Fileuse32. Quand J'etais Chez Mon PerePeter Pears - TenorPhilip Langridge - TenorSophie Wyss - SopranoBenjamin Britten - PianoGraham Johnson - PianoOsian Ellis - HarpCD 16: Britten. The Complete Works For Voice. Folksongs 2Folksongs 2: 01. I Will Give My Love An Apple02. Sailor-Boy03. Master Kilby04.The Soldier And The Sailor05. The Shooting Of His Dear06. Bonny At Morn07. Greensleeves08. I Wonder As I Wander09. The Crocodile10. Pray Goody11. At The Mid Hour Of Night12. Dear Harp Of My Country! 13. O The Sight Entrancing14. Sail On, Sail On15. Rich And Rare16. La Noel Passee17. Eho! Eho! 18. The Holly And The Ivy19. Soldier, Won't You Marry Me? 20. The Deaf Woman's Courtship21. The Stream In The Valley22. Unidentified Folk Song Setting23. Lord! I Married Me A Wife24. She's Like The Swallow25. Lemady26. Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn (I Was Lonely And Forlorn) 27. Dafyd У Garreg Wen (David Of The White Rock) 28. The False Knight Upon The Road29. Bird Scarer's SongRobert Tear - TenorPhilip Langridge - TenorFelicity Lott - SopranoChristopher Van Kampen - CelloTimothy Walker - GuitarOsian Ellis - HarpGraham Johnson - Piano

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