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Multifunction Folding Shovel Spade Outdoor Gardening Camping Tools Foldable and mini shovel is great for gardening work or outdoor survival. Multi-functions and foldable mini size makes it outstand. You can store it in your car when not in use, so it could be used in emergencies. The item is made of high quality material, which is durable for long time use. It's designed exclusively for outdoor activity tool. Specification: Size: 6.7x3.92" / 17x10x5cm Material: metal Color: black Feature: 5 in 1 fuction: shovel, pick, saw, compass, bottle opener Can hang on the waist with the portable storage bag Small size and light weight Flexible and foldable, easy to bring Unfolds a head is a shovel and a pick. Package Include: 1 x Folding Shovel 1 x Storage Bag

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