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From August 1914 through March 1917, Americans were increasingly horrified at theunprecedented destruction of the First World War. While sending massive assistance tothe conflict’s victims, most Americans opposed direct involvement. Their country wasimmersed in its own internal struggles, including attempts to curb the power ofbusiness monopolies, reform labor practices, secure proper treatment for millions ofrecent immigrants, and expand American democracy.Yet from the first, the war deeply affected American emotions and the nation’scommercial, financial, and political interests. The menace from German U-boats andfailure of U.S. attempts at mediation finally led to a declaration of war, signed byPresident Wilson on April 6, 1917.America and the Great War commemorates the centennial of that turning point inAmerican history. Chronicling the United States in neutrality and in conflict, it presentsevents and arguments, political and military battles, bitter tragedies and epicachievements that marked U.S. involvement in the first modern war. Drawing on thematchless resources of the Library of Congress, the book includes many eyewitnessaccounts and more than 250 color and black-and-white images, many never beforepublished.With an introduction by Pulitzer Prize–winning historian David M. Kennedy, America andthe Great War brings to life the tempestuous era from which the United States emergedas a major world power.
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