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Colorful LED Light Equipped with colorful LED light, this Bluetooth speaker can provide you with beautiful light effects in different modes. 360 Degree Surrounding Sound Effect Though the body size is small, the Bluetooth speaker adapts open style cavity which can spread to 360 degree surrounding sound field, providing you with high level performance. Universal Compatible Equipped with Bluetooth module, the wireless speaker can be compatible with almost all kinds of digital devices that come with Bluetooth function. Multiple Way Input Not only Bluetooth, this loudspeaker bass box also supports Micro SD card, NFC as well as AUX input, so even the old fashioned CD Walkman can be also connected to play. Hands-free Calling With the built-in HD microphone, you can make or answer hands-free calls at high quality no matter you are driving or walking. Specification Rated Impedance 4Ohm Rated Voltage DC 5V Rated Power 8W Product Weight 384g Input Port 3.5mm Product Size 64.4 x 63.85 x 156.8mm
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