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portugal brazil br layout new laptop keyboard with touchpad palmrest for samsung series 5 550p5c np550p5c купить по лучшей цене

Aoluguya released the latest keyboard with HID connection and combo function keys Product Features 1.1 Compact and ultra-portable for mobility 1.2 English QWERTY keyboard layout 1.3 Easy connection via Bluetooth 2.0 HID profile or USB 1.4 Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery Mini-B Type charge interface 1.5 Compatible with latest operating systems: 1.6 Windows XP/VISTA/7/8 Windows Phone 7 IOS4/5/6(iPhone and iPad) Android 3.1 higher Mac OS X. The following is the detailed specification FYI: Keyboard light source Red laser diode Keyboard language English Keyboard layout 20.8mm sized QWERTY layout Projection size Approx. 241mm*101mm Projected Keyboard location Approx. 97.9mm from keyboard device Keystroke Sound Built in buzzer(Mute on/off the sound) Visibility Good contrast up to 1800 lux ambient illumination Detection rate Over 400 characters per minute Detection algorithm Multiple key stroke support Effective key stroke Approx. 2mm Required projection surface Non-reflective opaque flat surface Power source The USB bus power Lithium-ion battery power The DC input power Battery capacity: 700mAH(Max)@3.7V Replaceable soft-pack type Charger Rating 800mA @ 5V Interface USB 1.1 and 2.0 for PC Bluetooth(v2.0 class 2class 3 )HID for Mobile devices Switch mode Switch the active/Standby mode manually Power consumption max. 2.4W@4.2V Use temperature Approx. 0~50°C Storage temperature Approx. -20~50°C Software compatibility: All USB HID Compliant OS All Bluetooth HID Compliant Mobile Device Windows XP/WINDOWS 7 or Higher LINUX Ipad IphoneAndroid 2.2 or Higher AOLUGUYA a way of new life!
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