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Video This Fire Maple FMS-100T features titanium material and dual-channel pre-heat system as well as unique folding bracket, to make it suitable for various environment and portable to carry. Good for outdoor activities, such as camping. etc. It also fit for high altitude and cold environment. Titanium Material Less than 200g, more convenient to carry. 6-Leg Folding Bracket Ensures strong support and stability. Wheel Shape Adjustable Knob You can adjust its fire efficiently and more handy. Dual-Channel Pre-Heat System Burning with high efficiency and provide continuous strong power. Specifications MaterialTitanium alloy, copper-aluminum alloy Power2450W Suitable forOutdoor camping, etc. Product Weight199g Product Size15.2 x 11 cm (unfold), 10 x 7 cm (fold) Package Contents1 x FMS-100T Gas Stove
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