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A volume in Science & Engineering Education SourcesSeries Editor Calvin S. Kalman, Concordia UniversityThis book meets a demand in the science education community for a comprehensiveand introductory measurement book in science education. It describes measurementinstruments reported in refereed science education research journals, and introducesthe Rasch modeling approach to developing measurement instruments in commonscience assessment domains, i.e. conceptual understanding, affective variables,science inquiry, learning progression, and learning environments. This book can helpreaders develop a sound understanding of measurement theories and approaches,particularly Rasch modeling, to using and developing measurement instruments forscience education research.This book is for anyone who is interested in knowing what measurement instruments are available and how to developmeasurement instruments for science education research. For example, this book can be a textbook for a graduate course inscience education research methods; it helps graduate students develop competence in using and developing standardizedmeasurement instruments for science education research. For use as a textbook thereare summaries and exercises at the end of each chapter. Science educationresearchers, both beginning and experienced, may use this book as a reference forlocating available and developing new measurement instruments when conducting aresearch study.
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