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0.5 Inch OLED Screen The round touch button makes the operation more sensitive. Vibrate reminder of call, alarm, WeChat, SMS, QQ, etc. Two Ways To Wear HUAWEI Honor band 4 running version is available in two ways, not only on the wrist but also on running shoes. The two modes can be switched freely to meet the needs of different sports scenes. Professional Running Instruction Its six-axis sensor can detect seven indicators data, including grounding method, ground impact, valgus amplitude, swing angle, stride, step frequency, and touchdown time. Motion recommendations are given for these data. 5ATM Water Resistant 50 meters resistant, can be used for swimming, washing hands, rain, and many other scenes. Sleep Monitoring Accurately record deep sleep, shallow sleep, wake up, etc., to help you adjust your sleep habits. Long Time Standby It features a high-performance, low-power processor with up to 21 days of standby time, and 14 days of operation in a typical scenario. General Model: Huawei Honor Band 4 Rungning Edition Built-in Chip Type: Honor Chip Bluetooth Version: V4.2 Available Color: Red,Green Functions Bluetooth Sync: Phone call reminder, Message push Health Tracker: Calorie consumption, Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitor Other Functions: Time, Alarm Alert Type: Vibration Display Screen Type: 0.5 Inch OLED Operating Method: Touch Screen Battery Battery Type: Lithium-polymer Battery Capacity: 77mah Charging Time: 1.5 hour Standby Time: 21 Days Features APP Name: Huawei Wea...

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