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Video ID107 HR smart bracelet has many functions: 24h dynamic heart rate monitor, activities Tracker, sleep monitor & alarm, call alert, remote camera, anti-lost alert, find your phone. It plays an very important roles in monitor your physical condition and help you keep a good health. Heart Rate Monitor Measures 24 hour heart rate and lets you know about your heart rate during sports. Activities Tracker Track daily activities, check real time daily exercise, progress, calorie consumption and help you keep a good health. Sleep Monitor & Alarm Automatically track user deep sleep, light sleep and awake sleep data, and wake you up according to your set. Call Alert When a call is coming, ID107HR will display caller name or caller ID on OLED screen without taking out of your mobile phone. Remote Camera Shoot Control the camera shooting by lift wrist 90 degree or press the device key. Anti-lost Alert When mobile phone is beyond the valid Bluetooth distance with device, smart band will vibrate to remind you. Find Your Phone Switch to find phone mode by long pressing/ tapping the key, the smart phone will vibrate or ring. Wake Up Screen When lift the wrist and rotate 90 degree, the screen display will light on automatically, it is easy and convenient to check time. Tap Switch Tap the tap key on the screen to switch to different function modes. Specifications Display 0.49 inch OLED Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 Strap Material TPE Battery 70mAh Polymer lithium battery Standby Time 5-10 days Charging Connector 2 point connect Charging Time About 1 hour Sensors&Components 3D accelerator, heart rate sensor, vibration motor Compatibility for iOS 7.1 and above & Android 4.4 and above smart phones Water Resistant Sweat-proof, rain-proof, splash-proof, user should not wear it during swim or take shower. Memory Record 7-day detailed sports and sleep data Record personal sports data per week, month and year Product Weight 22g Product Size (L x W x H) 260 x 21 x 12.5 mm Package Contents 1 x ID107 HR Smart Bracelet, 1 x Charging Cable, 1 x User Manual
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