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This show from the Pavilion de Paris was filmed in December 1979 on Supertramp's legendary "Breakfast In America" tour. Now for the first time, transferred and restored from the original film, we present the classic line up of Rick Davies, Roger Hodgson, Dougie Thomson, John Helliwell and Bob Siebenberg in concert. The sound has been remixed by Peter Henderson and Supertramp's original sound engineer Russel Pope from the original multi-tracks and is presented in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound. The show is packed with Supertramp hits and this outstanding performance is a must have for any Supertramp fan.Track List: 01. School 02. Bloody Well Right 03. The Logical Song 04. Goodbye Stranger 05. Breakfast In America06. Hide In Your Shell 08. Even In The Quietest Moments 09. Give A Little Bit10. Dreamer 11. Rudy 12. Take The Long Way Home 13. Another Man's Woman 14. Child Of Vision 15. Fool's Overture16. Two Of Us 17. Crime Of The Century 18. From Now On (Credits) Bonus Tracks: Remixed Audio With Newly Created Visuals19. Ain't Nobody But Me 20. You Started Laughing (When I Held You In My Arms) 21. A Soap Box Opera 22. From Now On 23. Downstream
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