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SQ8 MINI Camera TF Card Voice Recorder Night Vision DV Car DVR Discount: 9ef350 15% off Features: 1. High quality high-definition images FULL HD1080P DV DC 2. Compact design, portable handheld DV DC 3. Under low illumination, HD video recording can be performed 4. Video format for:1280X720P ,1920X1080P 5. Support TV OUT TV monitor video connection 6. Mode for taking pictures:12MP(4032X3024) 7. Motion detecting video:720P and 1080P 8. USB 2.0 interface of high speed transmission 9. Biggest can support 32GB T - flash CARDS Specification: Video format: AVI Video coding: M-JPEG Video resolution ratio: 1280X720P 1920X1080P Video frame rate:30 fps Player software: operating system or bring the mainstream video player software Picture format: JPG Image proportion:4 :3 Support system: Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista;Mac os;Linux; Battery capacity: 200mAh Working time: About 100 minutes Charging voltage: DC-5V interface type: Mini 8Pin USB Storage support: TF card(Card is not include) Battery type: High capacity polymer lithium electricity Package Included: 1 x Mini Camcorder 1 x USB cable 1 x Strut 1 x User Manual
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