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The STC-1000 is a digital temperature controller with sensor that allows you to keep your fishes, seafoods alive at the desired temperature by controlling both cooling and heating devices. Features Adopts high quality material, durable and heat eliminable. Auto switch between refrigerating and heating. With temperature calibration function. Return difference value. Refrigerating control output delay protection. Alarm when temperature exceeds temperature limit or when sensor error. Control temperature by setting the temperature setting value and the difference value. Specifications Model STC-1000 Shell Material ABS Front Panel Size 75(L) x 34.5(W)mm Mounting Size 71(L) x 29(W)mm Product Size 75(L) x 34.5(W) x 85(D)mm Sensor Length 2M include the probe Measure Range -50°+99°C Mounting Size 71 x 29mm Temperature Measuring Range -50°~99°C Resolution 0.1°C Accuracy ±1°C (-50~70°C) Sensor Error Delay 1 minute Power Supply 110V AC±10%, 50/60Hz; 220V AC±10%, 50/60Hz Power Consumption Less than 3W Sensor NTC sensor (1pc) Relay Contact Capacity Cool 10A/250V AC; heat 10A/250V AC Ambient Temperature 0~60°C Storage Temperature -30~75°C Relative Humidity 20%~85% (no condensate) Package Contents 1 x Mini Digital Temperature Controller; 1 x Temperature Sensor Probe with 2M cable; 1 x Instruction Manual
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