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Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation from the year 2014 in the subject Transportation Science & Technology, Atlantic International University, course: Transportation Economics, language: English, abstract: Investments in transport infrastructure have massive economic benefits, leading to a vibrant and efficient transport system. In Zambia, where a disproportionate distribution of freight between road and rail exists, with road transport carrying over 85% of freight, the significance of road investments cannot be emphasized. To remain competitive, the country must prioritize sustainable road maintenance on her road network, and ensure that a decent balance is maintained between investments in maintenance and those aimed at new construction.Insufficient budgetary allocation to road maintenance normally results in road deterioration that significantly reduces the utility of the existing roads. This makes it expensive and more difficult to move products and services from producers to consumers or inputs to designated industrial centers. Construction of new roads is deterred due to lack of funds, which entails that many areas which have the potential to trigger economic growth would remain unnecessarily inaccessible for far too long. The alternative is to seek political interference in the budgeting process in order to skew the fiscus towards road construction and development, rather than routine and periodic road maintenance which, purposefully, extend the service life cycle of exi...

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