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This adapter allows you to mirror your USB-C device display, such as for the 2015 MacBook 12-inch, for Nokia N1, etc, to your HDMI-enabled TV, projector or display. Input ConnectorThe newest USB3.1 Type-C connector. Fast Data TransmissionData transmission rate can reach up to USB3.1 10Gbps. Ultra-Slim DesignCompact and lightweight. Aluminum Alloy Shell High-end and fashionable design. Output ConnectorConnect to HD DVI device such as Monitor, Projector, TV, etc. Suitable forSuitable for MacBook Air 12-inch USB3.1 output port to external DVI devices. Specifications NameUSB3.1 Type-C Video Adapter Cable VersionUSB3.1 version, support 1080P MaterialTinned copper OD4.0mm 24AWG Aluminum magnesium wire braid Connector TypeType-C DVI ShellABS Package Weight50g Package Size18 x 10 x 2 cm Package Contents1 x Type-C to DVI Video Adapter
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