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Perfect your New M-acBook, Type-C to USB2.0 The Type-C port of New Designed for M-acBook is small and exquisite but not easy to transfer files of U-disk. ORICO CT2 turns Type-C to USB2.0, which can connect U-disk, mouse and keyboard to New M-acBook, making it be used smoothly. Switch Easily, Transfer Quickly Connect mouse / keyboard, type faster, chat easierConnect U-disk / card reader, save memory, read video filesConnect gamepad, no touching screen, give you amazing game experience. Support Many USB Devices OTG is On The Go which means when disconnecting computer, connect phone with U-disk, card reader, keyboard, mouse, digital camera to transfer data, input or charge. Match with Type-C, Reversible Design Customized connector with gilded pin and delicate spring sheets make the cable more beautiful and perfectly match with Type-C port. Superior Material Its exterior is made of environment-friendly PVC material; every wire core is equipped with shielding aluminum foil; twisted pair greatly reduces signal interference. Specifications Brand ORICO Name OTG Adapter Connector 1 Type C Connector 2 USB 2.0 Female Cable Length 15cm Product Weight 30g Package Weight 40g
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