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universal car seat covers for suzuki jimny grand vitara kizashi swift alto sx4 wagon r palette stingray car accessories купить по лучшей цене

Use this coupon"carcar" to get 10% discount off of this light. Also you can find some more discount products from this page by using "carcar". http://deals.banggood.com/deals/edm/topic/carlight160321.html?utmid=548 Specifications: Name: Single seat without backrest Color: beige, orange, black, gray Material: high-grade PU leather, bamboo charcoal strips Composition: Single front seat Season: all year Applicable models: Universal Size: 53cm*50cm*36.5cm Features: 1, Made of high quality PU fabric, built-in 8 bamboo charcoal strips, soft, breathable and comfortable. 2, An intermediate for advanced non-woven, breathable powder leakage, do not worry carbon black oozed. 3, The inner cushion by a plurality of small charcoal arranged composition, can play a very good ventilation massage function. Prevention and treatment of bed sores have a preventive effect. 4, Charcoal leather has a good adsorption function and remove the odor effect, and high leather strength, anti-wrinkle wear. 5, Absorb sweat, blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, strong absorbent capacity, dry and breathable, comfortable and pleasant. 6, Massage, health, imitation ergonomic wave shape, promote blood circulation, sedentary are not tired. 7, Eliminate the odor, sedative diastolic pressure, adsorption air smell. Promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, sedative diastolic pressure. Package includes: 1 x Universal Car Seatpad
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