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Enjoy the outdoors anytime, anywhere. Great for picnics, beaches, concerts, festivals, naps, tanning, yoga, etc. The Pocket Blanket is small enough to fit neatly into your pocket or purse. Water-repellent and puncture-resistant design keep you clean, dry and comfortable. High quality material Adopt high grade nylon material, waterproof and moisture-resistant. Puncture-resistant design keeps you comfortable Protects you from twigs, rocks, dirt, sand and insects. Weighted corners Improve performance on breezy days. Come with the "easy pack pattern" Makes it easy to get the blanket back into the attached storage pouch. Specifications Material Nylon Color Black Unfold Size 70 x 110 cm (S), 110 x 150 cm (M),150 x 180 cm (L) Fold Size 6 x 2 x 8 cm (S), 8 x 3 x 10 cm (M), 10 x 4 x 12 cm (L) Product Weight 50g (S),100g (M), 150g (L) Package Contents 1 x Pocket Blanket 1 x Storage Bag
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