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Working capital management plays an important role in any manufacturing company. One of the most significant areas in the day-to-day management of a company deals with working capital decision. Of all the financial decisions working capital decision is the vital one. It has been generally accepted that the profitability of a business firm depends to an enormous extent on the approach in which its working capital is controlled. Again, the sources of financing working capital play a very important role in maintaining liquidity and profitability of the firm. This study has emphasized mainly on the working capital planning and control practices in corporate firms of Bangladesh. This research work will help to find out the causes of poor working capital planning and control and contribute to the development of effective and pragmatic working capital planning and control for the better performance of the manufacturing industry. The findings and policy implication of this research work will be helpful to the planners and policy makers of the manufacturing industry in making and implementing working capital plans for the development of the industry.

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